Who We Are

We (Imperial International Ltd) care about your privacy and the information you share with us, this is why our promise to you is that your information will never be sold or traded. The forms on this website that you can use to provide us with your personal information such as your email address or name, will be used solely for the purpose of contacting you directly in regards to the information that you require. We may also, if you opt-in, contact you with various marketing emails which we think may be of interest to you, however, we will ensure that any correspondence will give you the power to opt out of these communications at any time.

Types of Data We Collect



We use cookies like most websites to collect your information. These ‘Cookies’ are simply small data files that are placed on your devices or computers as you browse the site. Cookies are essential for us to provide you with a good experience on our site and are essential for the operation of it. They may be used for advertising bespoke products and services both on our site and elsewhere. We however do not and will not use cookies to collect or record any of your personal contact details.

Google Analytics

When someone visits our site we may sometimes use a third party service such as Google Analytics to collect visitor behaviour patterns. This information provides us with an idea of the usage of the site and the number of visitors to the site. We promise that this data does not identify anyone personally and we do not allow any attempt to find out any personal identities of the visitors to our site through Google Analytics.

Mailing Lists

If you opt into our newsletter/direct marketing campaigns/register a product we then collect personal information and data. This will be used to contact you about a product you have registered with us or about an offer we may be running, we will ensure that the option to opt out of this correspondence is easy and available at any time. We may also just check in to make sure your happy with the products and services that we are offering. We don’t trade any of this date with other organisations and all this data will be held by the site with the exception of MailChimp which helps deliver our newsletter/correspondence in an easy and visually appealing way. MailChimp is a popular medium for a lot of businesses and for more information, please see MailChimp’s privacy notice.

Access to your information

If you would like any more information about your data or the removal of your data please contact: enquiries@imperialgb.com

This privacy policy was created in April 2018. We may review/amend this policy if needed at any time.